What does it mean to value our sleep?

Jun 13, 2022

Are you following all the sleep hygiene tips but still struggling to get a good night's sleep?

Good sleep hygiene is essential, but it's only part of the solution, and in some cases it may even heighten anxiety about sleep if it doesn't work. As someone who suffered from a severe lack of sleep for several years, it was only when I shifted my mindset that I felt the benefits of optimizing my environment and habits for quality sleep.

In a previous blog, I wrote about The '5 Principles' of Good Sleep Health by Colin E. Espie, professor of sleep medicine at the University of Oxford. This has been such a helpful resource that I have decided to explore the 5 principles in more detail in a five-part blog.

As Professor Espie states in his article, the ‘5 principles’ are not intended to be a complete solution, but rather a helpful starting point for anyone experiencing poor sleep or mild insomnia symptoms.

How do we develop a healthy and confident sleep mindset?

The first principle is about valuing our sleep. Recognizing how precious sleep is and appreciating its role in supporting our minds and bodies is key! Only then can we get to work by tailoring our environment and habits to create the most conducive setting for regular, good quality sleep.

Here are the impressive benefits sleep provides from Professor Espie's article: 

We need sleep for the renewal and repair of our body's tissues, our metabolism, our physical growth and development, our ability to fight infection, our learning skills and memory, and our ability to regulate our emotions.”

So, what does it mean to value our sleep?

Take it seriously, and don’t take it for granted. We all know that when we sleep well, we feel healthier, more energetic, and are better able to deal with whatever life throws at us. 

As we continue in this series, we will also look at how we can prioritize our sleep, personalize our sleep, trust our sleep, and protect our sleep.

Now it's your turn to take some action towards improving your sleep! I want you to grab a pen and paper and write down your responses to these two questions:

WHY should I value my sleep? 

What would I gain in my life if I slept well and woke up rested?

Some examples could be:

  • More energy to play with my kids.
  • Increased concentration and productivity at work, helping me to go for that promotion.
  • Feeling less overwhelmed emotionally and more able to cope with stressful situations.

Once we can connect with WHY we need sleep, it becomes easier to value this amazing natural state that provides us health, mental equilibrium and wellbeing.

STOP taking your sleep for granted and START developing a healthy sleep mindset.


Knowing the value of sleep is a significant first step. That might seem straightforward but it doesn’t mean we know how to make the changes necessary to ensure a good night's rest.

That's why I'm offering a completely free 20-minute Optimal Sleep Assessment. In this session via Zoom we will figure out your biggest hurdle to getting the restorative sleep you need AND what action you can take towards improving your sleep. 

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