Do you dread going to bed?

Mar 26, 2021
Do you dread going to bed?

If you are anxious and fearful about sleep, or the lack of it, you could be suffering from sleep dread.

When you google the definition of dread, it is:  “anticipate with great apprehension or fear”.  When I feel like that about my bed or even just the thought of going to bed, then it’s not easy for me to fall asleep and stay asleep all night.

What about you?

Do you feel dread when you think of going to bed?

Do you dread knowing that you’ll be laying there awake for hours unable to fall asleep?

Do you dread waking up in the morning exhausted again from another terrible night’s sleep?

Most people don’t realize that this can cause anxiety, fear and an out-of-control feeling that impacts our sleep.  Our mind then creates a belief that no matter what I do, sleep just won’t happen for me.

Here are 3 tips for dealing with this feeling of dread:

  1. Create awareness

Just by reading this blog, it might have already done that for you.  Being aware that this is a real issue for people is the first step in fixing it. 

  1. Write down your feelings.

I like to call this doing a “brain dump”.  Write down your feelings and thoughts about going to bed.  By writing it down you will create more awareness and clarity on why you dread going to bed so much.  Then I like to rip up that paper and discard it – visualizing putting all my worries in the garbage along with that paper.

  1. Release the emotion using tapping (my favourite way of course 😀).

By acknowledging what you are feeling, you can use tapping (EFT) in order to release the feeling of dread.  This will shift to an empowering belief about your sleep that will help you reclaim your sleep. 


If you need help releasing the dread that is stopping you from your optimal sleep, book your Optimal Sleep Assessment today.

Until next time, sleep tight!