May 29, 2024, coaching call replay.  

Reclaim YOUR sleep: Reclaim YOUR life!


I often connect with people who are struggling to sleep despite taking many positive actions around their mindset, environment, and routine. But they still can’t fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up refreshed!  

What’s going on?

After getting curious and digging deeper with some questions, I believe they are focusing on just one of the three key components to figuring out the root cause of your sleep issues.

Those three components are:  

1.    Your emotional well-being (nervous system)  

2.    Your mindset (thoughts and beliefs)  

3.    Your behaviors (habits)

These three are equally important. Unfortunately, if you focus only on behaviors, chances are your mindset or your emotional well-being will suffer. I’ve seen it happen time and again. 

Here's a replay of the coaching call, where we will discuss what you can do to reclaim your sleep and, with this newfound knowledge, reclaim your life.  

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