If your answer to this question is HELL YES!!! then join our supportive community led by an experienced Sleep Coach. In the Better Sleep Community, you'll get access to the education, tools, resources and support you need to start sleeping better!

Imagine how different your life would be if you could learn how to be your own sleep guru and finally overcome your sleep issues for good.


What's different about the Better Sleep community?


Many sleep programs focus only on behaviors, missing a key part of how sleep is disrupted by your emotional well-being and by limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way of your sleep.

That's why we focus on all three components to better sleep in the Better Sleep Community:

  1. Emotional well-being (emotions and the state of the nervous system)
  2. Mindset (thoughts and beliefs)
  3. Behaviors

Armed with this education, new tools, and the ability to become your own sleep guru, you will be able to create better sleep for yourself, today and in the future. 

The Better Sleep Community does not offer a quick fix, but it is designed to provide you with a lasting solution.  

The program includes a combination of online video teaching and weekly Zoom group coaching calls. There is also a supportive and interactive community aspect where you can connect with your peers as your journey unfolds.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to Better Sleep!

If you are ready to take action and get to the root cause of your sleep issues once and for all, join us in the Better Sleep Community.

I wanted to send you a message to say that I am feeling progress with my sleep. I know I am sleeping deeper, and my brain is clearer most of the time now. I still use melatonin when I have some dysregulation going on, but it is probably only half the nights now. It just feels like everything you teach is working.

Most nights, my sleep is now 1 am - 8 am.  No longer 3 am - 10 am, thank you!!

Now to just continue to gain confidence in my sleep, and to feel in control of my sleep patterns.  Excellent training call last night.

Thank you, I am so grateful!

I just watched the replay of last night's group call and reaped the benefits of all of your tapping.

What initially came up for me as we tapped on "I am in control of my sleep patterns" were the "normal" tail enders (IE; No I am not, Who are you kidding etc.etc.).

Then my mind responded "Being in control of your sleep is not the issue. How you live your day in peace and compassion is. Then you will sleep in peace."

Would like to tap on this Thursday if we can.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you join:

Better Sleep Community Online platform

A dedicated platform where you can access all the program resources in one place. The course curriculum is delivered over a 12-week period and the tools and materials come with lifetime access so that you can revisit them anytime you need to.

Weekly Zoom Group coaching calls

We will connect twice every week:

Tuesday is a training call, and Thursday is a group tapping call. All calls will be at 6 pm Atlantic time (5 pm Eastern; 2 pm Pacific). No worries if you miss a call as they will all be recorded for you to watch when convenient.

Tapping 101

When you join the Better Sleep Community, you will get immediate access to Tapping 101. This course is designed to teach you how to use Tapping successfully on your own to improve your sleep. Whether you are new to Tapping or a seasoned tapper, the course will benefit your personal tapping practice.

Private Facebook Group

Connect with your community of peers online as you work your way through the program. You can get your questions about the program or your sleep issues answered and learn from other people’s questions too.

3 Powerful Tapping Meditations

Start your day off on the right foot with my Morning Tapping Meditation. The Bedroom Orientation Tapping Meditation is designed to raise your awareness of your bedroom environment. And when you find yourself tossing and turning in the small hours, use my Middle of the Night Tapping Meditation to soothe your frustration.

Lifetime access with one-time payment

Yup, you purchase the program once and you get to participate every time we restart the 12-week curriculum. Depending on what lies behind your sleep issues, it might take time to get to the root cause of your sleep issues. And my promise to you is to support you until you do!

If you are ready to take action and get to the root cause of your sleep issues once and for all, join us in the Better Sleep Community.

Pay in full 

$997 USD

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3 payments of

$350 USD 

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6 payments of

$190 USD 

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Good morning Carol! I had an event this week and I was pretty upset about it. I'm so proud of myself because when it happened, I went up into my head, and therefore, I wasn't letting myself feel what I was feeling. I recognized what I was doing after a period of time (and that is OK). But unlike other emotional times in the past, I knew I wanted to feel what I was feeling. So I started tapping!!!

At first, I couldn't find names for the feelings and didn't have the emotions wheel you gave us with me. So, I focused on my body sensations! Well, the feelings came with that! Crikey!! This was sooo POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!! I felt so much better and was able to speak to the person I needed to speak with. Until that point I could not have talked to the person.

I'm SOOOOO grateful for you and for this course AND for me empowering myself and addressing my nervous system dysregulation!!

Upcoming dates for

The Better Sleep Community

June 9, 2024 to August 29, 2024  

September 20, 2024 to December 14, 2024

January 5, 2025 to March 28, 2025

If those dates do not fit your schedule, know that you are welcome to join us at any time, even if we are mid-curriculum. With lifetime access to the program, you can start wherever we are and continue until your sleep is where you want it to be.

Because when we sleep, life is beautiful!